What Mainstream Media Chose to Miss

The mainstream media has chosen not to report to its public the details of the strike by members of the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers against Verizon. The strike began in New Jersey on Wednesday April 13, 2016 at 6:00 am and continues today.

As we see it, early claims by Verizon representatives that the company would be “fully prepared to serve its customers” in the event of a strike have turned out to be totally false. A lot of hooey and hot air.

Technical support at Verizon is now in a state of chaos.

At Pequod Systems, the connectivity between our local area network and the internet ceased on Sunday April 17 at 5:00 p.m. Since then, we have been using the personal mobile hotspots on our cell phones with laptops to access this and other Internet sites. Clumsy at best, this arrangement either allows us to access the internet from one machine or, when we turn off the hotspot and reboot, we are then able to access other devices on our local area network.  One or the other.

Working with our internet services provider, Verizon has now sent five different employees to our site, none of whom have been prepared to repair the April 17 breakage that I have begun to wonder if perhaps some foul play had been involved. It is obvious that, as one Verizon employee told me, technical support is “a crap shoot.”

The first Verizon employee reported that a device at the Verizon central office three minutes from us had failed and that a card would have to be replaced. Easy-cheesy? Not a chance. Nothing happened.

The second and third so-called technicians who showed up were wearing Verizon vests and arrived in Verizon vehicles. Despite a trouble ticket history showing that the loss of connectivity did not originate at our junction box, each insisted on testing our junction box. Neither followed up with us. When I asked Verizon Guy #3 if he had seen the trouble ticket notes from Verizon Guy #1, he said he had not seen any trouble ticket notes.

Verizon Guy #4  was a woman from Human Resources. Pleasant enough—and technically a total disaster. Did not know a Local Area Network from a Wide Area Network. Never heard of ethernet, which is what our network runs on. She got a bit of a surprise when she opened our external junction box and was unable to attach a “non-invasive filter” she had been given as a possible “remedy” for our total lack of connectivity. Good Golly, Miss Molly, we weren’t receiving any signals from outside our network…We sent her on her way.

We contacted our Internet Services provider which then sent one of their own technicians to our site. Having read the entire history of our open trouble ticket, he then confirmed that the breakage was not at our site. He visited the Verizon central office and later reported that the card which had presumably been repaired or replaced.

Verizon Guy #5 from Oklahoma introduced himself as a *telephone cable* guy. WHAT? We have an Internet connectivity issue, not a phone issue. When I mentioned that Verizon Gal from Human Resources had visited us, he owned up that he normally works in the Verizon Finance Department. He left his tool kit on our porch and never called back to get it.

Verizon, you were not prepared. Your support operation is in chaos. After one month of using our cell phones as our personal Wireless Access Points, we are ticked off. We are not alone.


Susan Ellsworth