Pequod Systems Posts: the Breast Cancer Series

Thank you for your FaceBook eMail, Garick.

Today’s news is that my last scheduled day of radiology is May 9, 2012.  After that, it will be a matter of a daily pill for the next five years. My radiologist MD says that the further I get away from my chemo experience, the more energy I will get back. We’ll see if I’m up to partying the weekend of May 12-13.

And of course, I will be getting my mammograms regularly and hoping that the breast cancer does not come back. The good news is that I discovered that not every mammogram has to be painful. The one I had at my hospital just prior to my lumpectomy, for example, was a bit uncomfortable but nowhere near as painful as the one I had at the facility my general practitioner had sent me to.  The challenge now is to educate my GP so he will understand that there is no correlation between the amount of pain one feels with a breast smashed between two plates and the quality of the mammogram.

As you know, it has not been easy to travel the road to cure my breast cancer and do what I can to function as the marketing partner of Pequod Systems. Especially with all the great new features and benefits that Nimble has been rolling out at the very time I have mostly not had the energy to talk with prospects intelligently. I mostly have had “chemo brain” as a result of the Taxotere in the chemo brew that I took in November, December and January.  I will have to explain to Richard and Todd that one does not contact a lead when one’s not-so-nimble brain is somewhere south of the border. Believe it or not, there actually are chemo-brain-like  residual effects from the Taxotere that do take time to disappear. I am sure they will understand.

What you don’t know is that I consequently had not paid attention to my workstation. Shortly after I learned that I had breast cancer, my hard drive had very nearly been filled with old files and plain old junk I really did not need. What’s almost worse,  the dust of the ages (not to mention cat fuzz) had penetrated my system and I suspect had been a purveyor of  static. So it was no wonder that every website (and Nimble!) I visited, I not only had the feeling I was slogging through tar, but also that my mouse would regularly stop working. Aargh.  (More about those cats in another note…) As you can imagine, I have been spending significant time moving some useless junk from my hard drive into the ozone, and my workstation has now been re-introduced to a can of air. The upside? I will not be adding more graphics without paying attention to how much disk space I have left.

One other detail…I really have less hair now than my picture shows. As a matter of fact, my managing partner has said I look like I have a military haircut. Yup, that’s the same guy who, in a moment of frustration, said that he was beginning to wonder if breast cancer is “a rite of passage.” He just knows many of the same folks that I do.

In the meantime, thanks for the intro to Google+ Hangouts. FaceBook will have to hustle.