We can do It!

This blog was going to be about teamwork. And it still is. But today’s blog is about something I have never written publicly about and decided to do so anyhow.
It’s about breast cancer. It’s about a growing army of people who, out of the goodness of their spirit, are part of a superb team doing things for me that I never would have imagined friends would do. And yes, I do have a small stage one breast cancer.

On September 8, I will have a small breast cancer removed. A sample of the cancer will be analyzed, using the Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay. The outcome of this assay will  be a recommendation for a course of action based on my genetic makeup—-not a course of action based on the statistics of thousands of people who are not necessarily like me.

And now for my team. First, there is a higher power to whom I give the worries and cares that may, for the time being, seem bigger than I can handle. Next there is my husband, who has been and will be with me on every step of this journey. There is the woman I met through Toastmasters who will meet me at my door at five in the morning to take me to the hospital. There is yet another friend who will accompany my husband to the hospital when I am done with the outpatient surgery and completely unable to drive. There is my cousin who sent me a pink pen with a personal note I will treasure forever. The team keeps growing, and I am truly blessed by every member’s contribution. With their help, we can beat this cancer. We can do it!

For all the women in your life, encourage self-checks and regular mammograms. Support cancer research. Speak out.


3 thoughts on “We can do It!

  1. Can Imelda bring Bruno with you to Sibley? If you hug Bruno all the way there, I have no doubt that your procedure will go even more uneventfully than it will go, anyway!! 😉


    • Aref, thank you for your kind words. While Bruno is a very well-trained, tiny Chihuahua who knows perfectly well how to behave himself everywhere, I think we would have to leave him in the car. Nevertheless, Bruno can absolutely be part of my team in many other ways.


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