“Managed Services” and “Pre-Care” Duke it Out!

Susan Ellsworth

There is nothing quite so special as constructive feedback from a former customer—-a successful business person in his own right who we regard as a real friend we have known for well over a dozen years. A friend who, having built one company, has moved on to build another one in a completely different line of business.

Recently Dave called me just as a friend and asked if I were open to hearing some feedback about a recent eMail I had sent out. Feedback is a gift, so of course I was interested!

Long story short, my last eMail had two problems. First, it was too long. Second, it’s the word “Managed Services.” For some people, it’s an intimidating, long phrase without a lot of meaning. He suggested a shorter word that describes what we do: PreCare

 Here is one way to consider what we do: Instead of our manually checking servers and workstations for routine maintenance like drive space, software licensing, hardware configuration, performance issues, and so on, these and other checks are automated. Alerts to let us know when there’s a real problem. This process frees us up to focus more on our clients’ needs, and to work on projects which help them grow while saving money. 

So what do YOU think? “Managed Services” or “Pre-Care” ? Your comments are welcome.

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