Call Me Pea Quad???

Susan Ellsworth

Lately I have been looking at my website statistics. Having worked hard on getting just the right words and metatags in the right places on the right pages, I wanted to know what key words and phrases people were using to find our website.  Were people searching for my website using the key words I had so carefully selected? Not really.

While it was gratifying to see the single highest query being our corporate name, the second highest query was, much to my annoyance, “how to pronounce Pequod.” What was the matter with those folks? I fumed. Why aren’t they using the terms I had thought they of course would use. Words like “Managed Services.” Heck, I would have settled for queries using the word “service” or the lowly “IT.” I whined  in  a note to a good buddy. Goodbuddy wrote back and reminded me to go with the flow and use the search terms they were using. The objective was getting prospects to sign up…not to massage my now-wounded pride.  Upon reflection, I remembered the number of phone calls I had received from hapless call center marketers who had been given a list with my company name and contact information. Oh, the mangled mis-pronunciations. Oh the embarrassment on the other end of the phone.  And these were native speakers of English! I decided to take Goodbuddy’s advice. But how?

Sometime around two in the morning, it hit me. A blog about how to pronounce our name. A slug that said “Say Pea Quad.” A notice in Pequod Pointers, our brand new newsletter about how to pronounce our name. A picture of our mascot Moby saying “Call Me Pea Quad?” My business partner agreed to the approach. Surely the ghost of Herman Melville, who famously opened his novel Moby Dick with the powerful “Call me Ishmael,” would forgive me.  Will Moby forgive me for putting those words in his mouth?

Call me Pea Quad??

Only time will tell. Can you say “Pea Quad??”

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