RANT: The Post that stopped the Nonsense Arguments

Susan Ellsworth

Lately I have been reading the marketing press, which seems still to have some serious misgivings about corporate participation in Social Media. A recent LinkedIn discussion asked: Should employees have access to social media in the office? The case for employee access to social media in the workplace is clear and compelling. So why do more than half of surveyed companies block sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?
Discussion raged back and forth with philosophical rationales one way and the other.  Finally, I got disgusted with it all and said,

For those who monitor and measure how much time employees spend in social media…How much in US Dollars does it cost per month to track and measure time spent by each employee? Please include a dollar figure on the hardware and software spent to acquire the hardware and software, plus the cost associated with having a tech install and provide technical support for the application.

Next include the cost associated with compiling the data and the cost associated with personnel time spent in numerous meetings to decide to whom the reports should be sent, and what should be done with the data.

Associated costs include time (and therefore money) spent in managerial meetings related to decision-making about how long to keep the data and who will be empowered to do retroactive searches on the data and for what purpose. I look forward to seeing those actual numbers. Thanks.
I have not seen a comment in the last week.
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