Plan B: a Blog about AV.EXE

I had planned to open this month’s blog with a cheerful note about modifying our Pequod Systems ship logo from a puffy fat whaling ship to a much slimmed-down logo. And a note or so about a projected date for rolling out our new website.

That all fell apart when we spent several hours removing a trojan from a family member’s personal pc…and had heard about AV.EXE from a colleague who had spent several long hours at several different client sites dealing with this piece of malware.

AV.EXE, generally found at c:\av.exe, is a process which is registered as the W32/Alphx.worm.a virus. This virus changes your start-page for Internet explorer. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system. It is a difficult-to-remove piece of malware which has, to date, avoided detection by standard anti-virus solutions. The solutions by and large are not for those who do not know what the Windows registry is.

Resources describing AV.EXE and getting rid of it are here, here and here.


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