The Social Networking Experts’ Marketing

copy-of-susan_headshot4 There is something truly strange in the land of Social Networking. Have you noticed the rapidly-increasing numbers of social networking experts who want to tell you all about how to make best use of social networking in your business? How to make social networking profitable? Their numbers seem to increase as our economy struggles to get back on its feet.

What’s really strange is not that these experts are suddenly coming out of the walls. Or even that a mathematical statistician friend at the U.S. Census Bureau attended a professional conference of the American Statistical Association where social networking was the focus of one of the meetings. (Evidently some rather interesting statistical conclusions are being drawn based in part on preferences one selects in FaceBook and other social networking sites. But I digress..)

What’s really strange is that these social networking experts are NOT using social networking to get my attention—and, they hope, my business. What ARE they using to get my attention? Would you believe plain old-fashioned eMail? Virtually every single piece of promotion I have received to attend this or that free  webinar has arrived in my spam-defended eMail stack. Talk about mixed messages.

So why aren’t these social networking experts using social networking to connect with me, instead of adding unto my already overflowing eMail stack? If I just spent a little more of my already overspent time in FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo or the other S/N applications, would I find myself befriending or being followed by someone who ultimately wants me to buy his or her paid seminars on social networking? Is there something about Return On Investment missing here? If I raise that issue, will I be shouted down by the Social Networkers because I am asking a suddenly social marketing incorrect question?

It beats me.


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