Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and S/N Friends in GoldMine?


Back on April 11, I commented about the responses that my more technically-oriented acquaintances in the FrontRange Community had to the proposal to integrate social networking with GoldMine.  In a word, there had been a distinct lack of enthusiasm for including in GoldMine  a component field as essential as the fields for websites, eMail and multiple telephone numbers.

Sometimes it pays to persevere boldly and advocate  for change. Just when I thought the community discussion was about to die for lack of an official FrontRange champion, an announcement from Matt Fisher, the FrontRange Director of Marketing, appeared. It said,


>As the debate rages on regarding the effectiveness of Social Media in B2B marketing (and indeed, as we watch discussion both here and off-site about the implications for CRM going forward), we at FrontRange are willing to give anything (within reason!) a try!

>So feel free to ‘follow’ FrontRange (user name: FrontRangeSols) on Twitter.  We’ll use it to post details of new product releases, support notices, events, training, blog postings – anything and everything that’s officially FrontRange-related.   And of course, all conveniently delivered direct to your desktop or even cellphone.

>We look forward to ‘tweeting’ with you!

Given the heavy Twitter focus lately, this is a small and important, positive step forward. As I pointed out in the GoldMine community on April 14,


>I belong to the church that encourages integration of everything that has to do with focus on the customer in our *customer relationship* product.

>I want our GoldMine users to open up our product at the beginning of the day and STAY there while doing work that pertains to marketing and selling. I want them to stay within our product rather than minimizing the desktop or totally getting out of GoldMine to use a different application. I see integrating the URLs for FaceBook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter profiles and the like as a service delivery matter and a FR acknowledgement of the business application of these S/N applications.

>On the implementation side, how much harder than including *old marketing* approach (multiple html-enabled fields for eMail and websites) can it be to bring our product into line with newer marketing concepts? By adding in a few more clickable html fields? Right now the GMPE implementation looks like FR has never thought about SN…  Can you imagine *any* flavor of GM without a field for eMail, website, fax or (Heaven help us!) *phone numbers* ?

>I’m waiting to see SN profiles of those discussing this matter. Somehow I also belong to the church that says if you haven’t even come in the door, it’s hard for me to give credibility to criticism.


A few days later, the silence on the subject came crashing down, and the techs were back doing what they do best—proposing solutions to technical issues and arguing among themselves about the solutions.   I am convinced that once again it will take a major move by those in marketing to wrestle the techs to the ground on this subject.