FaceBook, Twitter and the GoldMine Developers

copy-of-susan_headshot3 I came oh so close to calling today’s blog “I’m not making this up.”  After reading some of the commentary by my more geekish GoldMine business acquaintances, I’m beginning to wonder if technical focus rather than a marketing focus—and just who is being listened to— have contributed significantly to FrontRange not yet integrating GoldMine Premium Edition with social networking applications.  Is it lack of awareness of a sea change in marketing strategies? Lack of incentive ? Lack of customer access to the FrontRange movers and shakers that make it happen? Whatever the rationales there may be, there is definitely an opportunity for FrontRange to look seriously at integrating GMPE with social networking.

It’s not as if FaceBook, Twitter and other social networking applications were exactly new on the marketing front.  FaceBook, which in November 2008 had about 700 employees, has now been around for about five years.  Nielson’s Tweet Smell of Success article  presents compelling statistics indicating that Twitter, founded in 9006, is no flash in the marketing pan.

Integration of social networking with business development is not exactly brand new in the marketplace.  A quick check of the American Marketing Association’s website  shows  an  upcoming April 23 webcast titled Effective Methodologies to Leverage Social Media & Web 2.0 Platforms in your Marketing and Sales. Articles  in WebProNews have been seriously dotted with similar articles pointing to social networking and business development.

Yet GoldMine consultants speaking in the FrontRange Community  have said things like

“I… can’t figure out that usefulness at all… I still do not see the value. ”

“I don’t see how social networking fits into the realm of GoldMine. ”

Never mind that other CRM packages are now voyaging in that direction.

To which I say remember the days before the Internet? Before websites were ubiquitous? Fast forward to now, when every business you want to do business with has a website and every person who works there has eMail and/or a cell phone. Some have i-Phones, Blueberries and so on. Many have texting capabilities. GoldMine has BY DESIGN a field for website(s) and BY DESIGN fields for eMail addresses. But nothing [in GoldMine] that even nods toward any W2 applications. In a word, nothing for social networking platforms.

Not that customers investing in GMPE cannot request FrontRange partners like us to customize parts of the GMPE interface to include links to customer Social Networking profiles. We can do that—to some extent, and at additional cost to our users. The point is, that like the eMail data point and the website data point, social networking data points should also be available as a standard in GoldMine.  

With this edition of my blog, I’m pointing those seriously interested in asking for Social Networking integration right to the FrontRange Community of experts, consultants and users.  The developers may not respond to every post, but they are reading.   

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