Re-shaping your (eMail Business) Dream

copy-of-susan_headshot2John Maxwell, author of  Put your Dream to the Test  recently gave a sermon entitled “How to go from Believer to Buyer. ” In this sermon, he talked about the importance of claiming your own dream (rather than someone else’s), and not letting others talk you out of your dream.

Sometimes you have to re-visit and re-shape your dream. And it happens because of the actions of a lot of other people you never knew, let alone met.

For years, a business friend of ours depended upon bulk eMail sent to thousands  other potential business partners to announce the sale of recycled office goods. One day he discovered that his bulk mail was not being sent out. In fact, it was being blocked. And most likely, it was being blocked by his own eMail services provider.

The eMail service provider had finally decided to close the gateway to our friend’s internal  relay. Every time there was a bounce-back because of a changed eMail address or a “please remove” response, a count had been made and our friend had unwittingly and technically become a spammer.

Now our friend has a serious business problem. The cost of calling each of those thousands of eMail recipients to confirm their eMail addresses and formally get permission to send an eMail announcing product sales available for auction is prohibitive. What’s more, recipients of those eMail announcements–just like other people— can change their eMail addresses without notifying every person who ever sent them an eMail. So of course our friend has a high probability of unwittingly sending eMail to bad addresses.

Sending eMail announcements in small batches at a time will take a very long time—perhaps so long that announcements of the product auctions will arrive just as the auctions are over and done with.

Our friend will be re-visiting and re-shaping that part of his business dream. We are confident that he will find a new way.


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