Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and S/N Friends in GoldMine?


Back on April 11, I commented about the responses that my more technically-oriented acquaintances in the FrontRange Community had to the proposal to integrate social networking with GoldMine.  In a word, there had been a distinct lack of enthusiasm for including in GoldMine  a component field as essential as the fields for websites, eMail and multiple telephone numbers.

Sometimes it pays to persevere boldly and advocate  for change. Just when I thought the community discussion was about to die for lack of an official FrontRange champion, an announcement from Matt Fisher, the FrontRange Director of Marketing, appeared. It said,


>As the debate rages on regarding the effectiveness of Social Media in B2B marketing (and indeed, as we watch discussion both here and off-site about the implications for CRM going forward), we at FrontRange are willing to give anything (within reason!) a try!

>So feel free to ‘follow’ FrontRange (user name: FrontRangeSols) on Twitter.  We’ll use it to post details of new product releases, support notices, events, training, blog postings – anything and everything that’s officially FrontRange-related.   And of course, all conveniently delivered direct to your desktop or even cellphone.

>We look forward to ‘tweeting’ with you!

Given the heavy Twitter focus lately, this is a small and important, positive step forward. As I pointed out in the GoldMine community on April 14,


>I belong to the church that encourages integration of everything that has to do with focus on the customer in our *customer relationship* product.

>I want our GoldMine users to open up our product at the beginning of the day and STAY there while doing work that pertains to marketing and selling. I want them to stay within our product rather than minimizing the desktop or totally getting out of GoldMine to use a different application. I see integrating the URLs for FaceBook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter profiles and the like as a service delivery matter and a FR acknowledgement of the business application of these S/N applications.

>On the implementation side, how much harder than including *old marketing* approach (multiple html-enabled fields for eMail and websites) can it be to bring our product into line with newer marketing concepts? By adding in a few more clickable html fields? Right now the GMPE implementation looks like FR has never thought about SN…  Can you imagine *any* flavor of GM without a field for eMail, website, fax or (Heaven help us!) *phone numbers* ?

>I’m waiting to see SN profiles of those discussing this matter. Somehow I also belong to the church that says if you haven’t even come in the door, it’s hard for me to give credibility to criticism.


A few days later, the silence on the subject came crashing down, and the techs were back doing what they do best—proposing solutions to technical issues and arguing among themselves about the solutions.   I am convinced that once again it will take a major move by those in marketing to wrestle the techs to the ground on this subject.






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FaceBook, Twitter and the GoldMine Developers

copy-of-susan_headshot3 I came oh so close to calling today’s blog “I’m not making this up.”  After reading some of the commentary by my more geekish GoldMine business acquaintances, I’m beginning to wonder if technical focus rather than a marketing focus—and just who is being listened to— have contributed significantly to FrontRange not yet integrating GoldMine Premium Edition with social networking applications.  Is it lack of awareness of a sea change in marketing strategies? Lack of incentive ? Lack of customer access to the FrontRange movers and shakers that make it happen? Whatever the rationales there may be, there is definitely an opportunity for FrontRange to look seriously at integrating GMPE with social networking.

It’s not as if FaceBook, Twitter and other social networking applications were exactly new on the marketing front.  FaceBook, which in November 2008 had about 700 employees, has now been around for about five years.  Nielson’s Tweet Smell of Success article  presents compelling statistics indicating that Twitter, founded in 9006, is no flash in the marketing pan.

Integration of social networking with business development is not exactly brand new in the marketplace.  A quick check of the American Marketing Association’s website  shows  an  upcoming April 23 webcast titled Effective Methodologies to Leverage Social Media & Web 2.0 Platforms in your Marketing and Sales. Articles  in WebProNews have been seriously dotted with similar articles pointing to social networking and business development.

Yet GoldMine consultants speaking in the FrontRange Community  have said things like

“I… can’t figure out that usefulness at all… I still do not see the value. ”

“I don’t see how social networking fits into the realm of GoldMine. ”

Never mind that other CRM packages are now voyaging in that direction.

To which I say remember the days before the Internet? Before websites were ubiquitous? Fast forward to now, when every business you want to do business with has a website and every person who works there has eMail and/or a cell phone. Some have i-Phones, Blueberries and so on. Many have texting capabilities. GoldMine has BY DESIGN a field for website(s) and BY DESIGN fields for eMail addresses. But nothing [in GoldMine] that even nods toward any W2 applications. In a word, nothing for social networking platforms.

Not that customers investing in GMPE cannot request FrontRange partners like us to customize parts of the GMPE interface to include links to customer Social Networking profiles. We can do that—to some extent, and at additional cost to our users. The point is, that like the eMail data point and the website data point, social networking data points should also be available as a standard in GoldMine.  

With this edition of my blog, I’m pointing those seriously interested in asking for Social Networking integration right to the FrontRange Community of experts, consultants and users.  The developers may not respond to every post, but they are reading.   

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Re-shaping your (eMail Business) Dream

copy-of-susan_headshot2John Maxwell, author of  Put your Dream to the Test  recently gave a sermon entitled “How to go from Believer to Buyer. ” In this sermon, he talked about the importance of claiming your own dream (rather than someone else’s), and not letting others talk you out of your dream.

Sometimes you have to re-visit and re-shape your dream. And it happens because of the actions of a lot of other people you never knew, let alone met.

For years, a business friend of ours depended upon bulk eMail sent to thousands  other potential business partners to announce the sale of recycled office goods. One day he discovered that his bulk mail was not being sent out. In fact, it was being blocked. And most likely, it was being blocked by his own eMail services provider.

The eMail service provider had finally decided to close the gateway to our friend’s internal  relay. Every time there was a bounce-back because of a changed eMail address or a “please remove” response, a count had been made and our friend had unwittingly and technically become a spammer.

Now our friend has a serious business problem. The cost of calling each of those thousands of eMail recipients to confirm their eMail addresses and formally get permission to send an eMail announcing product sales available for auction is prohibitive. What’s more, recipients of those eMail announcements–just like other people— can change their eMail addresses without notifying every person who ever sent them an eMail. So of course our friend has a high probability of unwittingly sending eMail to bad addresses.

Sending eMail announcements in small batches at a time will take a very long time—perhaps so long that announcements of the product auctions will arrive just as the auctions are over and done with.

Our friend will be re-visiting and re-shaping that part of his business dream. We are confident that he will find a new way.


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Googling 2008-2009 Marketing Trends

copy-of-susan_headshotSometimes my wannabe statistical side bubbles up.  Or maybe it’s my addiction to Google.  Anyhow, some interesting Google results numbers popped up this evening.

Query results about push marketing — 45,400 results overall.
Query results about push marketing (past year) 4,660 results.

Query results about eMail marketing — 16,700,000 results overall.
Query results about eMail marketing (past year) — 700,000 results.

Query results about pull marketing — 37,600 results overall.
Query results about pull marketing (past year) 5840 results.

Query results about social networking — 53,500,000 results overall.
Query results about social networking (past year) — 17,300,000 results.

So why is a well-known marketer to computer technical companies (systems integrators, offsite helpdesk services providers and the like) still using agressive push marketing? She says her method works. And cites case study after case study to prove that it works. I have received introductions in plain white envelopes, gewgaws in large brown envelopes, eMails that tell me I’m stupid for not buying her several-thousand dollar marketing package.  Go to her seminars and she’s a fantastic speaker. It’s push marketing at its finest. Maybe the market segment she is looking at just does not mind having hard sell messages pushed at them.


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Organized, but not by FaceBook


Some day I’ve just GOT to get organized. Social networking is so much fun that hours just fly right past and I have not called current customers just to reach out and touch. Suddenly I realize I’m not connecting in real time with real people. Follow-up phone calls? I suddenly remembered at 3:00 pm. I just joined a gym—and missed my weekly workout. Real-world networking mixer at 4:00 pm, it’s now 3:30 pm and I’m in my jeans. Did I remember to pick up my spring jacket from the dry cleaner?  Ouch!

Does the rest of my team know where I am today from Noon to 2:00 pm? With a potential client? Not if I have not put that meeting on my schedule and enabled my team to see my schedule.

Oh, yes. My social networking sites will remind me of Barry’s birthday. I’ll read Terri’s tweet about her new narcissus nursery. But I’ve simply got to get organized. Maybe my scheduler will actually remind to get a card for Barry three days before his birthday, take it to the committee meeting we both are supposed to attend and give it to him. Oh, yeah. That’s his birthday party I’m attending…