Tweets, Messages, Texting and eMail

To Tweet from Twitter, text from a cell phone, post messages in LinkedIn, post a message in FaceBook or to use eMail. That might be the question.

Recently, a friend in business sent me a note saying “Why not just send me an email? Why does it come through FaceBook and then I have to log on to FaceBook to respond to you. Seems more direct and simpler just to send me an email.” We find ourselves chasing one social networking site after another—and possibly losing track of what we said and where. Other than the time it may take to go from one to another, does it matter? No — and yes.

My friend spends her work day at her desktop rather than on her cell phone. So for her, one of the great advantages of replying in FaceBook to a FaceBook message (or other social networking site) is that her message and its reply will not get stuck in an eMail spam trap.

If keeping track of a simple congratulatory note to someone you are not doing business with, then exchanging messages in one of the social networking sites is probably not of consequence.

On the other hand, when it is important to keep an ongoing record of correspondence with a customer, I do not correspond with that person on a social networking site. As a GoldMine user, I understand eMail as part of the Holy Grail of the 360-degree understanding of our customers. Along with records of telephone calls, faxes, previous sales, trouble tickets, status of payments for services rendered, and products sold, eMail contributes to a total understanding of a customer’s needs, desires, processes and sales cycles. That total picture enables our team to better understand and work with our customers.

So if your message is not necessary for business development or so only in the moment (“The streets around the Tidal Basin are now closed to traffic!” ) that it needs not be kept in your company’s corporate records, TWEET!
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