Be the Flame, not the Moth

It’s truth-telling time.

Most likely, I am a certifiable, latter-day reference librarian turned Google-holic of the original search-tool kind. I am absolutely passionate about finding high quality, reliable information that solves everyday human problems.

A while back, Robin Robins said, “Be the flame, not the moth.” By this, she meant that those of us in technology already have special knowledge and skill that others want to benefit by. And that if that knowledge is something we are truly passionate about, let others know it. To which I add, do it in a way that serves others interests, not your own.

Recently I realized that a group of about 95 Toastmasters online in FaceBook were looking to solve an organizational issue involving change management. These are people with different skills, specific long-term interests and abilities than my own, but nevertheless with a timely focus on the same set of issues. Realizing that about an hour’s worth of serious Googling could open doors to better communication in a leadership and communication organization, I posted the results of my Google searches to the group.Their perspectives on issues had fed my passion for finding high quality reliable information which could, with teamwork, feed an organizational change.

Sharing good, reliable information with your team in the your corporate customer relationship solution can have the same excellent outcomes–and more. Now is a great time to research through your corporate CRM data, and read business intelligence notes and correspondence from your team members to discover avenues for connecting with prospects and customers. Think of the positive impact on people that reaching out with a simple touch might have. Right now, it’s not about you and your sale. It’s about what your customer’s hopes and dreams are…While those hopes and dreams seldom have much to do with selling your product or service, you will be remembered when times are better. Be the flame, not the moth.